Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Really Work?

The answer is undoubtedly a strong YES! Traditional Chinese medicine works very well for a wide variety of disorders, injuries and illnesses. For example, acupuncture, a well known Chinese treatment technique really helps in providing pain relief and decreasing swelling in specific body areas. Traditional Chinese medicine is neither a placebo nor a panacea; however, it is one of oldest continuously practiced form of health care offered all over the world. In fact, around a quarter of the world’s total population frequently make use of this treatment technique to treat different forms of health conditions.

I have found relief through traditional Chinese medicine!

While there are a number of people still wondering whether traditional Chinese medicine can work for them, millions of others have tried it and found much needed relief. In this regard, people suffering from health issues such as asthma, post menopausal symptoms, sinus problems and allergies all have found relief through traditional Chinese medicine.

Conventional Chinese medicine versus contemporary medicine

In western culture, a physician sees himself or herself as the person treating a disease, the illness as the enemy and the patient as the occupied territory. Traditional Chinese medicine on the other hand focuses on what a patient is ailing from and who you are. In the western culture, modern medicine holds all the mighty healing power, defines what life is, who and what is healthy and who and what is sick.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees diseases as disruptive to the biological wellbeing of a living organism. Anything that limits a living thing freedom, ability to live a healthy life or has a potential to do so is seen as disruptive in traditional Chinese culture and medicine. Within the paradigm of Chinese cosmology, the world’s events are mutually interacting, co-generating, if not interdependent.

If you have a sore throat in the contemporary medicine, you go to a physician and are provided with medicine to cure it. If it is a bacterial infection, then you are offered antibiotics to kill the problem causing organisms.

If on the other hand you visit a traditional Chinese healer or doctor, he or she considers the throat infection in a different way.  This basically means that not all throat infections are treated the same way. If your throat is inflamed and swollen, a Chinese doctor for example would indicate a problem of heat and thus the healing strategy would be to use cooling herbs and acupuncture to lower or purge the heat. Where hoarseness and congestion are concerned, a traditional Chinese would diagnose it as a sign of congealed phlegm or moisture and thus encourage the use of an expectorant.

Chinese medicine and your emotions

What you feel, your emotions, your sensations, your physical shape and your personal style are all said to be the expressions of your chi (Qi). Chi or Qi is an animated and invisible force of life that makes stuff happen as they do. If the doctor informs you that your river Qi is abundant and flowing, then you are quite healthy. If told that the river flow is low, then the current is being obstructed and thus the discomfort complaints. Traditional Chinese medicine explains the state of your chi as being synonymous with how you truly are rather than just how you feel at the moment.

In conclusion, how you feel, what you do and how you live, is all inadvertently or directly linked to your overall well being and general health.

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