Best of Chinese Medicine Blog: Having Trouble Breathing? Cupping Therapy Might Help You!

If you are  familiar with traditional Chinese medicine then cupping therapy might ring a bell. But what if you are not? This is where our expertise comes in handy: Cupping is a healing practice which is becoming more and more popular these days and it basically involves placing a few cups on your back which will improve your overall health. The practitioner will take all the air out of these cups and your skin will raise a bit as a result. Cupping it is a healthy practice, tried and tested by thousands of people. Now, the qestion is: how can it help you, and what is it most effective for?

1. Cupping therapy can heal your lungs. Whether you have been an avid smoker for many years or you have different respiratory problems, cupping therapy can clear congestions and improve the function of your lungs. This healing method is also beneficial for patients with asthma or those who get colds very frequently. Chinese practitioners have been used cupping therapy for hundreds of years in order to improve the respiratory system and it will definitely be efficient for you too.


2. Cupping therapy can alleviate your pains. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with a lot of physical pains on a daily basis. Whether your neck hurts because you stand in front of a computer for many hours, your back hurts because you tend to slouch a lot when working or your legs hurt because you stand up too much, untreated pains become chronic and very, very stressful. However, cupping therapy can be very effective in eliminating some of those pains and this method doesn’t have any side effects. Try it once and you will be impressed.


3. Cupping therapy is excellent during detox processes. Doctors recommend giving up on coffee, cigarettes, junk foods and similar items at least once or twice a year, in order to offer the body a chance to recuperate and get rid of toxins and bad substances. While you are cleaning your organism, it is a good idea to undertake a couple of cupping therapy sessions as well. This Chinese practice promotes the natural detox process and you will eliminate everything bad in your body quicker and easier.  


4. Cupping therapy can help you release stress. Let's face it, stress is the number one enemy of this century! Whether your boss is giving you a hard time, your cat destroyed your Christmas tree or you slipped and fallen on a banana peel, your day is ruined and yet another wrinkles appear on your forehead. Well, in order to deal with these problems easier and enjoy life more, cupping therapy can be very useful as it helps you release stress and changes your focus on positive things. You will forget about worries for a while and enter in a deep relaxing state of mind.


Also, cupping therapy can even help you if you suffer from anxiety and depression. If you don’t believe it then you are gladly welcomed to our professional clinic in order to convince yourself. Our professionals offer cupping therapy sessions as well as other Chinese healing practices at an affordable price!

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