Best of Chinese Medicine Blog: Try Moxibustion If You Are Into Chinese Medicine Healing!

Have you heard of moxibustion? No? well, maybe noit until now, but what you are about to read will definitely keep you interested. Moxibustion (or Moxa, in short) is a Chinese healing method which has been used for centuries in order to improve and maintain health for us. Chinese medicine is well-known for its positive effects on health. Another great benefit is that it comeas with little to no side effects. Basically, it can put you back on your feet without any drawbacks! 


This article will tell you a little bit more about moxibustion and how it works. If you are interested in preventing many diseases and improving your overall health, read this and give moxibustion a try in the future.


1. Direct scarring moxibustion is the most effective. However, it might not be for everyone. It basically involves placing a curative herb on your skin and set it on fire. This herb will gradually burn and it might provoke some skin damage, scars and blisters. Still, you will quickly feel the positive health effects and the skin damage is not permanent. You will feel a warm sensation spreading through your body and you will get the chance to relax completely.


2. Direct non-scarring moxibustion is more popular. If the idea of having burning herbs on your back gives you goose bumps then you might want to try direct non-scarring moxibustion. In this case, the practitioner removes the burning healing herbs before they get the chance to touch the skin. You still reap the health benefits and your skin won't be damaged.


3. Indirect mobixustion is safest. The third type of moxibustion doesn’t really involve any type of skin contact whatsoever. The practitioner holds the burning herbs above your skin for a couple of minutes while these curative plants work their magic on your health. You won't get scars, you won't be burned, yet the pleasant and warm sensation will still be evenly distributed across your body.


4. Keep diseases at bay while curing the current ones. Moxibustion is great as a preventive method and it can also be used with great success for healing various illnesses you might currently have. For example, do you get colds easily? Moxibustion will protect you from that. Do you have poor blood circulation? Again, moxibustion is your ally. Do you lack energy and not even 3 coffees a day keep you awake and alert? Well, moxibustion can improve the balance and energy levels in your body so that you won't feel tired and sleepy anymore.


5. Be cautious if you hate pungent odors. One of the disadvantages of moxibustion is that it might… smell a little bit. The burning herbs release a stingy odor which can be quite unpleasant for some. Still, if you don’t have any respiratory problems and you don’t faint at the first bad smell then you shouldn’t be worried about this.


So, what are you waiting for? If you are curious about this efficient Chinese healing practice and you want to give it a shot then please contact us today and schedule an appointment. We are more than happy to make Chinese wisdom and practices work in your benefit!

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