Best of Chinese Medicine Blog: How Acupuncture Can Help You Get Off The Hook From Nicotine

Smoking, for a long time, is known to be very addictive and has a strong pull factor.  For someone who has been continuing this habit for years, and wants to quit, it will be quite challenging for them to do so alone and might need some form of external help and support to follow through...


You need to know that the quitting process triggers both emotional and physical symptoms and during this tough time, acupuncture can be a great help when you need one. So, let's see... how does this form of alternative treatment help you to quit? Here are 4 ways on how acupuncture aids you in quitting smoking, when you use it:


Possessing great strength to help you battle the 'urge'


Cravings are known to persist during your combat with addiction, and there is a useful combat tool that you can use to help you: Acupuncture.  It's a proven fact that ex-patients have successfully quit, from such a treatment.


I can't really describe to you on how you will exactly feel during this treatment. But in words, I can say that it lessens your craving, jittery fingers from nicotine dependence, and you might even feel less irritated in the absence of a cigarette (when you want one). Oh yes, did you know that during the cold turkey period too, your body gets a chance to detoxify by itself, you won't feel it immediately but soon in the long run. Someone can definitely spot the improvement.


"X" marks the spot


X has a funny name called "Tim Mee" - an acupuncture point - this is one of the more specific points to help you stop smoking.  You can find it somewhere above your wrist crease (one finger width). Which side would that be? It's the inside. It's kind of cool that this point you stimulate, helps to alter your taste perception towards how cigarettes taste. Best results are achieved, when other points are also stimulated.


You should be able to differentiate between a habit and a craving


As the years pass, it may be in your muscle memory to pick up that box, grab a stick, and light one up. All done without your conscious state telling you that this is happening! Even though you feel less of a craving than before, you may not be able to let go that physical motion that goes along with smoking.


By using acupuncture, you may be able to 'refresh' those nerves and senses again, to wake yourself up from your older habits. It takes time though.


Sometimes it's not all pins and needles


The acupuncture master may also use their skilled fingers to massage your ears, as one of the ways that they will treat you (they may also teach you the relevant techniques, which you can bring home as homework).


You should know by now that acupuncture treatment is genuine and safe. A lot of people have tried, and attest to its benefits. There are many ways on how acupuncture can help with various medical conditions, but I hope the above manages to narrow down to what you were looking for.

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