Best of Chinese Medicine Blog: How Mary Got Rid of Her Recurring Pneumonia, Part 1 

Here's a story that may sound familiar to most of you. Mary had gone through  seven episodes of pneumonia in the past 7 years. Every year, when the weather starts getting cold, She would be just about to catch a cold, and often, this would start with coughing and a fever, infection right into the lung. Mary has been on antibiotics so many times and for so long, but she never really got rid of her cough. This is because recurrent pneumonia just gets on her nervous system instead of her lungs. This year however....

...Her sister, a long time client of our clinic, referred her to us. She showed up at the clinic just when the weather was getting cold, as she just caught her first cold in this season, with all the symptoms: sore throat, cough, sinus congestion, body soreness, sleep problems, tiredness, etc, the whole lot.

When she first came to the clinic for treatment, I was very straightforward in telling her: "You do what I tell you, I can't promise you will not be getting another cold this winter, but I promise you I won't let it develop it to an pneumonia."

She has been attending the clinic twice a week before the new year, and is nowcoming just once a week. So far, she has had no pneumonia, no bronchitis, not even a cough. She asked me whether she was finally over it, free from recurring pneumonia. I told her it is going to take three winters to cure a recurrent pneumonia, but it can be done.

Next time, I will tell you why acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can cure recurrent pneumonia, while antibiotics cannot! Stay tuned...

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