Ionic Detox Program

What is Ionic Detox?

There are many conveniences in today’s modern world but without a doubt, environmental pollution and everyday stress as a result of the fast pace of living takes its toll on the health of our minds and bodies. In addition, food preservatives and other chemical additives and toxins in our water compound the issue and negatively impact our well being and appearance. Our bodies may be able to cope for a while with expelling these unwanted elements through the regular excretory channels, but sometimes when we feel generally run-down or not quite 100% it may be that our physical systems need a boost to eliminate toxins more rapidly and more effectively.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, ionic detoxification may be an effective treatment for you:

Tiredness, Headache, Nausea, Poor Sleep, Constipation, Thrush, Candida, Sluggishness, Allergies, Difficulty Waking up, Stress, Wrinkles, Hormone imbalance, Depression, Bags under the eyes, Anxiety, Dull skin, Mouth ulcers, Spots, and acne, Eczema or psoriasis, Lowered immunity, Overweight, Age Spots, or general malaise.

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How does ionic detoxification work ?

You may already have experienced the beneficial energizing effects of walking barefoot along the beach or the edge of the sea. While you are walking, your feet are absorbing billions of negatively charge ions through the pores, which then exert an alkalizing effect on our blood which in turn gets carried by circulation to all our tissues and organs.

Ionic detoxification works in much the same way, only in a more concentrated, efficient manner through electrolysis. You will be asked to sit with your feet in a warm bath of water to which a small amount of salt has been added. A very small electric charge is passed into the water which causes the H2O molecules to separate into negative ions (-OH) and positive (+O) ions.

As the negative ions move through the water they are absorbed through the pores’ membrane into the blood by osmosis, the process by which charged ions pass from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration, and vice versa. This interchange of electrical energy is what enables the toxins to move from your body into the water and has the effect of balancing the body’s positive and negative charges which in turn allows the smooth flow of qi and leads to inner harmony and balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that only when the body is in a balanced state can the process of healing begin.

The Results

You will notice that the warm water in which your feet are immersed slowly begins to change colour. This indicates that the toxins are leaving your internal tissues and organs and that the detoxification process is taking effect.

Look at the chart below so that you can see what the different colors of foot bath water indicate about your state of health:

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