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Prenatal Health at Best of Chinese Medicine

fertility acupuncture clinic doctor torontoAcupuncture can assist in resolving a number of Prenatal issues. Some of these issues include infertility and sterility. The use of acupuncture when experiencing these difficulties can make a significant impact on your chance of success.

Another situation in which acupuncture can assist is in vitro fertilization (IVF). By combining acupuncture treatments with your IVF at very crucial times, your chance for a successful conception can potentially increase drastically.

Labor encouragement is another circumstance where acupuncture and massage can be of great assistance. We give an opportunity that could allow you to deliver your baby naturally, and without the use of the induction medications.

Alot of medications have restrictions for pregnant women. Acupuncture is a a great alternative as it is safe and effective. If you are concerned about weight and craving control and pain control during your pregnancy, look no further: these symptoms can also be addressed through sessions of acupuncture. The best parent you can be is a vibrant and healthy one!

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