Book an Appointment


Welcome to our Online Booking Tutorial. 



If you are planning to book your first appointment to the clinic, you will need to call the front desk to schedule it.

Thereafter, you will be able to use our online booking feature.


If you are not a new patient, please follow this  link to go to our Online Booking station.

If you have any difficulties, please take a look at the step by step instructions down below (You can click on the pictures to expand)







Step 1: Log in to the system by creating an account. 

 Fill In your information and click on Create Account (keep your log in information saved so that you can return later to your account)


Step 2: Click on the appointment tab on the top to be able to chose a type of treatment .

Choose the type of treatment you would like to receive from the list provided. (Note that not all of these treatment options are available at all times, however this will be made clear to you once you have made a selection)

Step 3: After you make a selection, more options will appear such as DAY and TIME of your appointment. Make your selections and click on the  Search button

Step 4:  Click on the Request button right beside the appointment that best fit your schedule

Step 5: Confirm your request, you can also request recurring appointments

Step 6: Verify your date and time and wait for your a confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Booking

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you may follow the instructions to retrieve a new password


Should I make a new account each time I make an appointment?

No, once you have an account established you must continue to use the same login information.


What if I am a new patient to Dr. Susan Hu?


 If you are new to seeing Dr. Susan Hu, please give us a call to book and Initial Consultation.

You can download, print and fill out the paperwork at your convenience  here, prior coming in for your appointment.

The initial consultation is FREE with our coupon. Please download it here.


What do I do if I just want to ask some questions?

 If you simply have questions you wish to ask, please give us a call to book and Initial Consultation